The RBX Index Blog: December 2018

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Reviewing the last 2 months we saw that Trust, which was the weakest construct in October, gain 2 points and Satisfaction, which was at the top, slip by 8 points. However, the biggest change in the last month alone has been a 10 point drop in Empathy average scores. The RBX Index overall decreased by a margin of 2 points. That is not a significant drop, but it is not moving in the right direction! Let’s see why…

Key insights at December 2018

Latest Global Index: 55 (out of 100)

Change in Global Index from October 2018: 2 point decline

Best performing construct this month: Loyalty

Weakest performing construct this month: Empathy

Number of people participating in the RBX Index (all time): 1,258,611

We don’t have too look far to understand the reasons behind the decline in Empathy. 

Looking at the factors that contributed, we saw that employees felt that they were not being valued or listened to. In many organisations, ‘not being appreciated’ was emerging as the key factor in determining the quality of experience they receive from their manager.

Human beings are social creatures that long for belonging, be it a group, a team, a community or a nation. That sense of belonging is augmented when the individual feels valued and, more importantly, when they are treated fairly

Perceptions of being treated unfairly can create uneasy feelings. When it is not addressed and left to fester, it manifests as fear and triggers uncertainty. That can lead to an erosion of the manager to team relationship, and emotionally ‘turn people off’. This undercurrent can become a cancer to performance unless addressed early.

There is a simple solution. The issue must be tackled head on by asking the team collectively if they are being treated fairly. Responses should be gathered anonymously if possible. If the leaders realise that action or inaction has led to that perception, they need to be humble and apologise. They then need to create an action plan to remedy the situation, communicate it to the team and implement it. 

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