The RBX Index Blog: October 2018


A summary of the latest trends of RiddleBox's RBX Index, which measures the experience leaders create for their teams.

What a month September was… we saw some dramatic changes in the leadership index this month. The index dropped by 18 points. YES 18 points. That is a significant drop by any given measure. The Global Index as it stands is at 57. Not a great place to be but it could have been worse

Key insights at October 2018

Latest Global Index: 57 (out 100)

Change in Global Index from August 2018:18 point decline

Current best performing construct: Satisfaction

Current weakest performing construct: Trust

Number of people participating in the RBX Index (all time):1,258,196

When I looked at the data, I saw that trust - or the lack of it - was impacting the scores significantly. There was an 11-point drop in the Trust construct. A look at the data reveals that it is not because of one organisation but a range of organisations that have suffered erosion of trust, some significantly more than the other.

Looking at the factors that contributed, I could see that in some organisations, they were going through or were about to embark on change. This brings in a period of uncertainty and that triggers fear which causes trust to erode.

The main reason here seems to be communication - or the lack of it:

When we spoke to people at the top managing this change, they seem to be having a clear view of what the future holds and what it is going to look like. However, the vision seems to have blurred and morphed when it percolates down the line.

We all know that keeping people informed during difficult times is important to keep people on board. Yet we choose not to, or mistakenly we think we have done it properly.


Communication does not have be a grand gesture or a formal protocol. Everything is power-pointed. All it needs is a few water cooler conversations, a gentle arm around the shoulder to explain what is happening. A classic case of common sense not being common.

RiddleBox’s RBX Index measures the experience leaders create for their teams. Using the Index develops managers into leaders who care, creating an inspiring, safe and fulfilling working environment. To find out more about RiddleBox, visit or email