Organisations use the RBX Index to measure and enhance the quality of relationships between leaders, employees and customers.

Some of the organisations we have worked with in 2019 include:


Some of the headline benefits of using the RBX Index include:

  • Improvement in stakeholder alignment, well-being, productivity and performance, measured by an uplift in engagement survey results and financial KPIs

  • We typically see a 10% reduction in employee attrition in organisations post-use, saving organisations on average over £100,000 in recruitment costs per year.

  • We see up to 34% conversion from potential customers into buying customers post use, which equates to revenue growth of more than a third.



UK Division of an international hotel chain

Problem: Poor trading conditions, ill-advised investment strategies and unmotivated staff with an antiquated ‘Command and Control’ management culture resulted in substantial and growing financial losses.

Solution: Commissioned by the new CEO as part of a substantial review, RiddleBox measured employee experience with a view to identifying its impact on customer experience. Additional audits revealed the effectiveness of the subsequent remedial actions, and established the link between employee and customer experience.

Results: As the RBX Index improved so too did the financial performance, with the turnaround from loss to profit in double digit millions. In addition, staff turnover came back in line with industry standards, having previously been running at almost 50%. The company has since appeared in the prestigious “Best Workplaces” list.


Major mobile phone network

Problem: A high proportion of the company’s retail customers, whilst happy to browse, did not buy anything.

Solution: Customers fed back using the RBX Index in a selection of major cities. Analysis of the results revealed previously unknown regional variations across a number of factors including purchase motivation, value perception, brand loyalty and satisfaction levels.

Results: The data identified the key characteristics of non-buying customers. RiddleBox worked with the provider to implement specific measures aimed to address this segment, which resulted in satisfaction score increases of 3%, commitment score increases of 16% and loyalty scores increases of 12%. In addition 34% of the non-buying customers were converted into purchasing customers.


UK telecomms giant

Problem: Huge restructuring process had led to large falls in productivity and motivation among middle managers and their teams, despite strong financial performance and customer feedback. 

Solution: RiddleBox measured the leadership experience of over 30 managers in a key department, producing a company average RBX Index which could be used as an internal benchmark, to compare externally with other sectors and to correlate with other performance metrics. Managers were paired up with fellow managers to coach each other to devise and implement simple action plans designed to respond to the insights generated by the RBX Index.

Results: The RBX Index data revealed major discrepancies between managers by gender and location which was corroborated by subsequent performance data. The RBX Index data also  showed the leadership team to be lacking in empathy for team members, meaning focused remedial action could be implemented to address this. On a follow-up employee survey, engagement was found to have increased by more than 20% amongst the teams involved in the program.

Based on the insights from the RBX Index, we often work with organisations to clarify their strategy and purpose.

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It’s been a great pleasure working with Jezz and Ram from RiddleBox  They led an Our Purpose workshop with the leadership team of a large Client Services organisation made up of over 600 people in December 2017.  This short, impactful session, based on deep research and delivered in an engaging and energetic way was a true catalyst for change with the leadership team from the moment they created their personalised purpose statement.  This group of seasoned professionals started to behave differently straight away and I witnessed them genuinely become a team.  They took ownership of their purpose and cleverly started to reinforce a subliminal shift in mind-set, focused on pride and challenge, across the whole team.  The purpose statement became a touch stone for them as they developed events and faced obstacles together and every one of them adapted the way they led their teams to bring the purpose alive.

Just 2 months after the Our Purpose session all employees across BT were invited to complete an employee engagement survey and the results for this team were nothing short of stellar.  This was, I believe, in large part due to the Our Purpose workshop and follow-on activities.  The team improved the engagement scores for every single question in the survey, they saw a 24% improvement in the question asking whether the team had seen positive changes since the last survey, the overall leadership score improved by 21% and they had the largest improvement in scores for any large team across 2 divisions of our company made up of more than 30,000 people.

I’d like to thank Jezz and Ram for their committed support over the past few months and would strongly recommend them to any leader who is seeking to create a high performing passionate team with a clear purpose.

Keith Willey, March 2018, Transformation Director, GS CIO & Client Services

BT Global Services