Frequently asked questions


How much does using the RBX Index cost?

Pricing depends on the number of managers involved and, whilst we have a clear rate-card available on request, we generally price based on the specific needs of the subject organisation.

Pricing generally includes the full survey administration and report generation for a single survey round, as well as the group introduction session and follow up 1-2-1 sessions run either by ourselves or our coaching partners.


We already do customer and employee surveys – what’s different about this?

In short, the RBX Index is a simpler, more powerful and more focused method of gaining feedback from different stakeholder groups across an organisation.

Simpler: because it only asks a maximum of 12 questions which takes participants less than 2 minutes to complete (increasing response rates) and avoids managers being presented with vast amounts of data which is not acted upon. The RBX Index produces a single number, out of 100, which reflects the quality of relationship in an easy to understand metric.

More powerful: because the RBX Index is based on extensive academic, scientific and practical research to produce insights that accurately reflect the quality of a relationship between people. The algorithm to calculate the RBX Index is a mathematical model based on 81 core combinations using neural patternation overlaid on a 3D behavioural framework. By measuring only trust, empathy, loyalty, commitment and satisfaction the RBX Index is concerned with the 5 core factors vital to high performing relationships. The process is also designed to be a really positive one for participants which highlights key strengths and aims to develop those. This approach removes some of the fear, trepidation and suspicion that surrounds many other ‘survey’ or ‘feedback’ processes.

More focused: because the RBX Index is solely concerned with improving performance from managers. Middle managers, often lacking in extensive leadership training or experience, are often the most important layer of an organisation because they are tasked with enacting the top-level strategy and direction from above by engaging the frontline employees below them. Through the personal RBX Index process and related coaching support, managers will not only gain self-awareness and direction to aid personal development, but also a way to focus their leadership behaviours to their key performance indicators and financial targets.    


How many participants are needed?

We tend to work with groups of managers numbering between 2 and 50 from a single organisation at any one time. Our coaching partners also work with managers individually.

Each participant manager should have at least 3 direct employee reports or customer accounts to get feedback from.


What is the time and cost of onboarding and set-up?

Because the surveys are hosted on RiddleBox’s platform, there is no customer integration required or additional set up costs. Once the basic information for the participant managers is collected on an encrypted spreadsheet and loaded onto our secure platform (usually name, job title, department name, email address, number of direct reports/customers) the surveys are created instantly and can be distributed to the managers and their teams via email. 


How easy is it for respondents to participate in surveys?

The respondent experience is seamless. Respondents are emailed a link to our survey platform and are only ever asked a maximum of 11 questions plus 1 open-ended comments section. They are not required to enter any personal information as the surveys are almost always anonymous.


Who can access the reports and dashboards?

By default, managers can access their own results and feedback on personal dashboards and via PDF reports. Depending on what’s been agreed with the organisation, HR or senior leaders may have access to these insights or may be presented with a summary report by RiddleBox directly which shows overall trends and recommendations.


Who does the coaching follow ups and how does that scale?

RiddleBox, or our trained coaching partners, deliver the coaching follow up sessions at least for the first survey round. For follow up surveys, organisations have the choice to either retain the services of RiddleBox to run the follow up sessions or RiddleBox can train internal personnel in delivering these sessions.

Either way, at whatever scale the RBX Index is being used, we always advocate the delivery of the 1-2-1 sessions after each survey round with each participant manager. Without these, the insights risk being mis-understood, not acted upon or – at worst – rejected by managers.


How does RiddleBox protect our data and employee confidentiality?

The integrity, security and confidentiality of user data is of paramount importance to RiddleBox. Our platform is hosted by premium Rackspace servers in the UK and all of our internal data handling processes and systems are compliant with the GDPR and other relevant legislation. See more on our Privacy Policy.

Unless specifically requested by an organisation, and other than the manager self-assessments, all respondent information is totally anonymous. We never collect any sensitive personal information and no customer data is ever shared with any 3rd party for any reason.


How quickly can we get started?

Once we have the manager name, expected number of respondents and have agreed start/end dates, the survey links can be live and shared in minutes.