Do you believe the quality of the relationship you have with your teams and customers is important to organisational performance?

Of course you do.

So do we.

That’s why we’ve developed a scientifically

The RBX Index is an independent measure of feelings and experience.


A single metric that gets to the heart of what drives well-being and performance and creates awareness, responsibility and accountability for leaders.

Using the RBX Index enables leaders and managers to understand how their team is feeling, which enables them to act in advance of events.

Benchmarking scores to other companies within a sector, and to other sectors, enables a quantifiable 'healthcheck' and proof of how a company is treating its employees. The higher the score the better.

No integrations needed. No confusing dashboards. No survey fatigue.

These are some of the latest RBX Index sector averages. A single employee experience score, out of 100, that you can trust in.

What will you score?