The RBX Index can be applied universally, so it makes it easy to compare relationship quality across an organisation, country and sector - and link the insights to financial performance.

Here are the latest RBX Index sector averages based on the 1.25 million participants to date.

RBX Index sector averages (as at March 2019). Maximum score is 100.

Since October 2018 we have been collecting gender information from participants. So far, female managers score their relationship with their teams weaker than their male counterparts, but their teams see them stronger.

Comparisons between male and female self-score and RBX Index

Based on over 2000 data points collected since November 2018

The RBX Index measures 5 constructs: trust, empathy, loyalty, commitment and satisfaction. Below we show that empathy and trust are most commonly identified as being the weakest performers.

% share of the weakest RBX Index constructs

Based on over 2000 data points collected since November 2018

Our research into customer experience with 1000s of customers in over 40 organisations reveals some interesting headline stats:

  • Lack of empathy is the main eroder of customer satisfaction in 1 in 5 companies. Waiting for calls to be answered was key cause in over 1 in 10 cases.

  • 82% of customers feel companies do not really understand their needs

  • Listening and empathizing (first), fast problem resolution (second) and an open and transparent customer service style (third) are the top 3 drivers of trust for customers in organisations.