The RBX Index is accessed on a licence model following a free trial and, where relevant, a corporate pilot.


  • 1 manager and up to 10 team members / customers

  • Links sent to manager by RiddleBox directly following sign up

  • Lasts 10 days

  • Includes personalised report and insights from RiddleBox directly

Corporate Pilot

  • Up to 50 managers, unlimited team members / customers

  • Lasts 3 months

  • Includes measures of the RBX Index at the start and completion of the pilot

  • Managed by RiddleBox

  • Includes help from RiddleBox to devise and embed action plans

Individual licences

  • 1 licence per manager, unlimited team members / customers

  • Each licence lasts 6 months, unlimited audits during this time

  • Users may use self-service or corporate platform depending on need

All prices subject to VAT where applicable.